Lasiset ja keraamiset

Lasi seksilelun materiaalina:

Sisältö tulossa pian.


Keramiikka seksilelun materiaalina:

Ceramic is a wonderful material to manufacture adult toys. For very long time, sex toys have been seen as ugly, cheaply manufactured items that are strictly taboo. But, public perception has started to change in recent years with the emergence of more design-led product made from higher quality materials. Ceramic raises standards even further elevating sex toys to fabulous piece of sensual art.

Lovemoiselle glazed ceramic toys feature a friction-free finish that is so perfectly silky-smooth, you might not even need to use a lubricant.

Lovemoiselle toys are completely non-porous so don't absorb water or other liquids which, combined with their silky surfaces, makes them the most hygienic and easy to clean adult toys on the market.

You might think that ceramic might be fragile? We use a special manufacturing process to make the Lovemoiselle range exceptionally durable, strong and safe to use. In fact, if you care for your Lovemoiselle toy properly, it will last for a lifetime making it the most very environmentally friendly range too.

Ceramic material has another amazing characteristic in that it absorbs warmth very easily, meaning it warms to your body far faster than glass toys. You'll find that simply holding your Lovemoiselle for few seconds in the hand, is enough to make it comfortably warm. But, of course, if you prefer a cold sensation, you can always put it in the fridge for a minute or two!